Examples of bespoke functionality

The possibilities for Bespoke IVR Services are nearly endless, but the following examples will an impression of the type of functionality Call Factory can develop for your organisation.

  • Incident report line

    Incidents do occur, and when they do, your customers often call to find out if you are already aware of an existing problem. They want to receive confirmation that you are working to resolve the issue. In those cases, an automated incident report line, which plays a pre-recorded message with known issues and provides an option to report a new issue, is an ideal solution.

  • Send additional information via text messages

    The core business for many of our customer is to provide information. However, callers often appreciate a written confirmation. One way to do this is by sending a text message during or immediately after a call, with a confirmation or even additional information. This is extremely easy by linking your database to our VIR platform.

  • Automated call-in system

    Some of our customers need to be able to quickly call in multiple people simultaniously. An automated call-in system enables these organisations to get the right people to the right location.

  • Report meter readings

    How much electricity did I use this month? The staff of energy companies will no longer have to answer that question thanks to the link between their service number and the company’s database.

  • Self-service credit card activation

    By cleverly linking our intelligent IVR-system to a database, customers of a credit card company can activate their own credit cards day and night simply by calling a Freephone or Premium rate number.

  • Balance report

    In addition to viewing our bank balance online, it can also be useful for a bank’s clients to be able to hear what their balance is by calling the bank’s service number, which is linked to a secure system.

  • Order by phone

    Allow your clients to purchase items or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone. With a unique client code and article codes they can place orders using a fully automated system.

We'd like to hear your ideas

As you can see from the examples above, the possibilities are endless. What kind of service would you like to be able to offer your clients over the phone?

Tell us about your idea and we will let you know about the possibilities. Use the form below to contact our developers. We look forward to hearing from you!