The advantages of using Fax2mail

Traditional fax machines are clumsy pieces of equipment that require a financial investment and maintenance.

They can only receive one fax at a time and the fax paper always seems to run out at inconvenient times.

Fax2mail is the ideal solution for organisations who need to regularly receive faxes but do not want the hassle of a traditional fax machine.

The advantages of using Fax2mail are:

  • Your fax is always available

    With Fax2mail, your faxline is always available because you can receive multiple faxes at that same time. Callers to your fax line will never hear a busy signal again.

  • Receive faxes as PDF files

    Our platform converts faxes to the convenient PDF format before sending them to you by email. Faxes can be send to a single address, or to multiple addresses at the same time.

  • No software to install, no setup needed

    To use Call Factory’s Fax2mail you do not have to install anything or do any setup. All you need to do is tell us at what telephone number you would like to receive your faxes and to what email addres the PDF files should be sent. You do not need a fax machine or separate faxline.

  • Receive faxes any time, no matter where you are

    Because our Fax2mail converts incoming faxes to PDF files before sending them to you by email, you can receive faxes anytime on any device where you can read your email.

  • Cost effective

    Our Fax2mail feature is cost effective because you do not need a fax machine, no fax paper, toner or ink, and you do not need to invest in maintenance.
    Fax2mail works with your existing email adress and internet connection.

  • Simple account management

    Managing your Fax2mail settings is easy with our online My Call Factory dashboard, or our unique iOS and Android apps for mobile phones and tablets.


The Fax2mail feature can be used in combination with any telephone numbertype.

Many organisations use either local or national numbers to receive their faxes. Though receiving faxes using a freephone number is also possible.